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really one of the most interesting, if you will, sociological spearmints. two brothers up there. you can't help but watch it and see how they conduct their business. they may be only a little over a year apart in terms of age, but they handle things very differently. you couldn't help but look at them and think one of these guys is going to be at the top, top of his profession and the other guy is going to feel like a loser. it's weird to think two brothers like that. just have a little look and listen as to how things went. and how they unfolded this morning as the bros faced off against each other on the podium.
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have a look. >> reporter: at center stage the contrasting styles. the oldest john, attired in coat and tie and then niners head coach jim in the ball cap and sweatshirt he apparently wears most every day. just offstage their adoring parents. but there is one commonality despite all their obvious differences. they do have their father who was the coaching influence in their lives. but the brothers both agree, mom was the rock of the family. >> well there's nobody in the family that has more competitive fire than my mother. and she competes like a maniac. i've learned number one, that is that. and she's just always believed in us. i think that's the most important thing to me that she believed in me and john and joany and took us to games and played catch with us.
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and shot baskets with us and just believed in us. >> no one would fight more for us than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to have each other's back, how to be there for one another. whether there was a scrape in the neighborhood, she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. and that was our mom because she was with us every single day. dad worked a lot. he was around. mom took us to practices. but mom was with us all the time. >> reporter: they don't like talking about themselves much but when it came to mom it went on quite a bit after that. joe fonzi is going to be along with more of the football when sports gets with us. from new orleans in the meantime, mark ibanez, back to you frank and julie. >> celebrations are building in
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the hometown of colin kaepernick. kids from kaepernick's alma mater in turlock wore their 49er colors and posed for a group photo with a banner. after the traditional photo the students struck the now famous pose now known as kaepernicking. there will be zero tolerance for post super bowl vandalism and destruction. >> we want to send a very clear message that if you go out there, you start rioting, you start vandalizing property, you start hurting other people, the consequences are very severe. >> reporter: more than a dozen people who allegedly got out of control after the giants world series win are currently being prosecuted by the da's office. most of those prosecutions were possible thanks to cell phone video evidence. has complete super bowl coverage including interviews with the 49ers and
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our reports from new orleans all week. just click on the super bowl tab. >> the body of a young girl discovered early this morning at a fairfield park is believed to be that of a missing girl. investigators say the girl's body was found in allan witt park. a passer-by flagged down a police officer. >> we've had a number of reports of missing people both locally and out of the area. we haven't been able to identify anybody. we don't have an age on her yet. >> police describe the girl as a white female between 12 to 15 years old. her death is being investigated as a homicide. she was reported missing last night. no there were no obvious signs of trauma. >> two more deaths from the flu virus have been confirmed in the south bay. robert handa is live in san jose with the renewed effort to inoculate a population that's
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often forgotten about. >> reporter: the flu related deaths were announced today. many people here already knew. and now a campaign is underway to get the homeless and the general public to take precautions. public health officials confirm two 58-year-old homeless men are the latest victims of the flu. so the valley homeless program boosted its immunization campaign including at this clinic. officials say the new deaths bring the state total to 14 and that the overall flu situation is getting worse. a friend of one of the victims said she tried to help him. >> for two days i took care of him. i fed him stuff. he was shaking back. i thought he died from pneumonia. >> the state is reporting all the trends are still upward. people come into hospitals, people with influenza-like illnesses, all of these cases of reported severe cases and the deaths. so we have not peaked in california. >> reporter: and that upward
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trend of people coming into medical facilities with flu concerns is also happening now throughout santa clara county. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information tonight in a story we told you about last night. it involves a purse snatcher in san rafel whose intended victim fought back. they've arrested myia simmons. she was taken into custody yesterday in connection with a failed robbery and kidnapping case. investigators say they recognized simmons as the purse snatcher from north gate mall over the weekend. >> a san jose police s.w.a.t. team arrested a man who they called a violent career criminal wanted for attempted murder. the mobile emergency response group and equipment unit carried out the operation at center and lewis roads. police say 30-year-old mitchell pope has gang ties and is a suspect in at least two shootings. investigators spent two months
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trying to track him down. they say he changed his appearance frequently and managed to avoid capture until today. >> we're able to get him surrounded in a house, they tossed some noise flash devices, convinced him after 30 minutes to come out and surrender. >> san jose police also arrested four other people at the home on unrelated probation and weapons charges. >> it is a first of its find, an id card for undocumented workers that does more than just put a name with their faces. rob roth is live with the special privileges that come along with this new id card. rob. >> reporter: we're outside humanist hall on 27th street where a party is about to go on. it's a celebration of what some here call a ground breaking program in oakland. a new municipal id card with a twist. he's undocumented, but that the new municipal id card will help
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him live less in the shadows. >> they can open doors for you with this kind of card. many people it's a prayer. they don't have any -- >> reporter: oakland officials unveil add card that will help provide residents with identification and make them less afraid to report crime. >> one of the problems we found in the community the police were saying a lot of immigrants were unwilling to talk to them. >> reporter: it can serve as a debit card, eliminating the need to carry ranch amounts of cash or rely on check cashing places. >> others who could not open a bank account were being attacked and mugged because people knew they carried cash. >> reporter: the cards will cost $15, $10 for juveniles and seniors. people can preregister now for an appointment to get a card. residents will need to provide a document proving who they are. officials say that 6000 people
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will get cards this year alone. >> excited and happy about this. many will benefit. >> reporter: critics have argued such id cards will encourage more illegal immigration. oakland may not be alone in this for long. the city of richmond is considering a similar program. the party will go on until 11:00 tonight. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> investigators say a hotel guest who is in town working on the chevron refinery accidentally started a fire. the fire started shortly after 5 this morning at the courtyard marriott hotel. the richmond fire department tells us the hotel guest put a towel over a cant l he thought was out. nobody was hurt. >> the national weather service is warning bay area beach goers about dangerous conditions this weekend. ktvu's allie rasmus met with the coast guard and the spca
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today who issued their own warning about what to do if your pet gets caught in the water. >> reporter: throwing the ball into the breakers is a popular pats time. when susan takes her dog to ocean beach they avoid the surf. >> pacific is a deceiving team. it's not peaceful at all. >> reporter: since 2008 the coast guard says seven people have died on the northern california coast trying to rescue their dogs from the water. in november a family of three died after a 16-year-old boy and his parents jumped in to save their pet. the dog survived, the family did not. on new year's day this year a man died after a sneaker wave carried away his wife and dog. on sunday a woman walking her dog at shelter cove was swept away by the surf. >> what would you do? >> i would probably go after him. i just love him so much. >> reporter: floatation device, extra air and years of
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training, it takes all of that to make a human better able to survive in the surf than this little gal. >> the dogs have that nice long back and their head above water. they'll paddle and keep themselves afloat. >> reporter: people don't do as well. the coast guard national park service and east bay spca sent out a public safety warning. >> you have to resist with every ounce of your being going into the surf to save your dog. >> reporter: if you can't resist, avoid playing with your dog too close to the shore and make sure your pet is within your control. >> when it comes down to it, they're great swimmers. >> reporter: much better swimmers than us. >> another warning for the weekend, air quality officials have declared a spare the air day for tomorrow. remember, that means you can't burn wood because the matter can contribute to high pollution levels. >> in just 6 minutes, this warm weather could get cut short. how cool temperatures could get
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this weekend. >> taking the devil out of devils slide. >> they're almost done and very soon you will be able to ride through them. >> and right after the break,. >> my whole house is lit up. it was lit on fire! >> only an 2, why officials are calling this fire suspicious.
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no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. an oakland neighborhood woke up to this frightening scene just after 2:00 this morning. this is video you will see only on 2. a fire spread to a tall cypress tree, or trees in front of some apartments on nickel street. firefighters quickly put out the fire but power was knocked out to about 40 customers and at least two cars were damage. no one was hurt. investigators are calling this fire in oakland suspicious.
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>> palo alto police arrested a man suspected of exposing himself to a woman. officers arrested richard kelly mccloskey today. he exposed himself to a woman walking in the 500 block of everett court. they don't think he's responsible for a series of similar crimes in palo alto earlier this month. >> jerry brown's campaign to pass proposition 30 outspend the opposition 4 to 1. the tech hike initiative was funded by $54 million in campaign money. that calculates to about $7.65 for each yes vote. the campaign against spent just over $13 million. >> new at 6, the twin 4200-foot long double slide tunnels are done. and tom vacar spent the day in the tunnels so you can see
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where you will soon be driving. >> reporter: the project will come in under its budget, all of which came from federal funds. >> we're looking at opening it up shortly. woe don't have a definite date yet. >> reporter: it's an engineering wonder as well as a beautifully designed work of art. it's designed to withstand the largest expected earthquake. plus a sophisticated carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide system that immediately activates fans. pus plus a state-of-the-art fire suppression system and message signs in both tunnels. many tunnel side call boxes as well. get this. >> question override your car radio no matter what station. it can automatically override it and give you instructions in case of an emergency. >> reporter: all of this being tweaked right now. >> the structure itself is finished. hooking up the systems and
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making sure they're operating properly, that's a time consuming project. >> reporter: this serves a greater purpose. remember, this is on highway 1. and highway 1 is one of the most important tourist routes on the planet earth. >> when this section of road is washed out or disabled, the local economies are deaf stated by that. that's just, it can't happen any more. >> reporter: that's what it takes to take the devil out of devil's slide. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco base path has agreed to pay almost a million dollars. the social networking application will pay $800,000 for allegedly collecting personal information from children without their parents consent. as part of the ftc settlement, path will launch a new privacy program and will get independent privacy assessments. >> apple is now the top maker
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of mobile phones in the united states overtaking samsung. research firm found apple shipped an estimated 17.7 million phones in the fourth quarter. that is a record 34% of market share. but averaged out for all of 2012 samsung is still number one. >> a chemical commonly found in plastic bottles may soon be added to california's list of harmful chemicals. a division of the states ago agency intends to add bpa to that list. if that does happen, manufacturers would be tried to place warning labels on products that contain hazardous amounts of bpa. >> warm out there today. temperatures as warm as they're going to be all week. take a look at the numbers. 68 in zap a rosa.
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the big spots, oakland 71. morgan hill 72. that's not very february-like weather. temperatures are going to cool down a bit. we talk about the surf. the story about the swells that are coming in. as we look out here, i can show you that here we are, the surf right now is 4 feet. out here in this swell field which is just a big wind field where there's a storm. the wave heights are running 20 feet. those swells are working to the coast. they will fill in as we get to saturday and sunday. big surf coming our way. the waves travel from west to east. that's what's happening there. big surf certainly on sunday. i think by tomorrow night it gets big too. here come the clouds. high filtered sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will be trending down just a little bit. if you look at the surface down there in monterrey bay. there's fog coming up as well. that's working its way up the coast.
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temperatures tomorrow are going to be cooler than today by a couple degrees. overnight lows like last night, maybe not as cool. frosty conditions in some places. some areas maybe close to freezing. extended forecast. in terms of cloud cover, not unsettled in terms of rain. this low pressure center instead of migrating through goes that way. they're not supposed to do that. they're supposed to go this way. when they drop down the dynamics stay offshore. the part that get ios you the rain. it throws up these mid level clouds over the top of the bay area. that's where we go. tomorrow some clouds. sunday, less clouds. and about the same temperature. we've lost the high pressure. we'll see low 60s instead of upper 60s. compute model, tomorrow morning there's the clouds. more clouds tomorrow night. north bay mostly sunny. sunday morning, watch this. sunday goes away. sunday more sunshine. this is going to be a great
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weekend. good looking weather all around. forecast highs tomorrow. not as warm as today. it would be hard to do. it was so warm today. 71. >> it's great. >> five day forecast. it's just dry. wednesday we have some rain drops in the forecast. not in the five day yet. >> you'll watch it for us. thanks, bill. >> coming up at 7, we'll take you back to the park where a young female's body was discovered earlier today. john sasaki is gathering new clues. twitter targeted by hackers. what potential victims are being told about this attack. join us at 7 on tv 36. >> could kickers be the key to a 49ers victory at the super bowl? we will take you back to new orleans where the team hit the practice field today.
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oh boy, we're talking super bowl again. i just can't wait. 48 hours now. >> i have no idea who is going to win this game. the more i think about it, the more variables get involved and i'm just so confused. these two teams are a combined
6:26 pm
6-0 in super bowl games. somebody's perfect record is going to go by the wayside. joining us again from new orleans is our own joe fonzi who has been following the 49ers for more than 25 years. joe, i got to tell you, these two teams look so similar. you have to think it's at least going to be a close game. >> reporter: i agree with you, fred. that has been a trend in recent super bowls. you would have to think the outcome of super bowl xlvii could be decided by one man. from scott norwood wide right to adam who has a different legacy. the super bowl can determine how a kicker is remembered for the rest of his life. last year the 49ers david achiers was the most productive kicker. he started tying the nfl record for longest field goal a 63- yarder. since then has become one of
6:27 pm
the least reliable kickers. like a baseball closer who gives up a walk off home run, a kicker has to have a short memory. >> they talk about that for defensive backs. but they're out there every play. being able to make those changes. for myself it could be long lapses between opportunities. i just try to forget about it and go on. >> reporter: the kicker, holder own long snapper are the most specialized players. they succeed or fail -- >> one of the most difficult seasons of my career. and with that unit because you know, we do work close together and it is an operation that we need to all be a part of. >> there's been a -- an issue here or there like this one thing happens on this. this one happened on this one. just like, maybe we're just waiting to put it all together at the super bowl. >> reporter: every kicker will tell you i'd like to be in that
6:28 pm
position where it's on my shoulder. really they hope their team wins by about 2 28 and they don't have to worry about. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ken wayne was adorned with beads. joe, no beads. i guess they're just on a different kind of assignment. >> time. >> assignment down there. >> thank you, fred. >> and stay with ktvu for complete super bowl coverage live from new orleans in every newscast. tomorrow night join us at 6:30 for our battle on the bayou special. switch to 2 immediately after the super bowl. our crews are in new orleans and ktvu reporters and photographers will be across the area. >> as always thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. we'll see you later.
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